Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wiki Futures

What will the next levels of Wiki development look like? One would expect that further evolution on networked software will be forthcoming. Sequencing and integrating discussion groups, blogs, wikis and static web pages would hold the most value today and be necessary to capture the unique role of each. But the times, they may be changing. In time, will static web pages be seen as the tip of the information iceberg, giving lift and visibility from these other underlying web elements, or will the growing pace of change and the power of egalitarian teamwork move wiki design to the visible tip of the iceberg? Will some new design synthesize the current pieces?

Fraser's (2005) perspective on the new tools for a new Internet imply that the answers will not be long in coming.


Blogger Greg Franklin said...

I see similar educational opportunities available with the wiki as there were with blogs. The first thing that comes to mind is using a wiki for small groups or an entire class to write a story or research paper. Whether they are working collaboratively or each contributing a specific part, they have to learn a great deal of interpersonal skills and appreciation for others' work and ideas. Another opportunity for educational use might be for students to keep track of class notes on a wiki. For example, each student could be assigned a topic or day of the week to add the class notes to the site. At the end of the unit, the notes are all there for the students to use as a study guide. Again, I think that the possibilities are only limited by creativity.

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