Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wiki Syndication

Much of the thinking about wiki work is done in the context of sections of text, whether definitions, sentences, paragraphs and large documents. Network RSS notification of change can easily be done with Wikis. Notification of change is a critical feature for wikis to not only function, but to address the issue of quality of product. As there is no centralized point of control, wiki quality control comes from its virtue of openness. Everyone and anyone can choose to see the changes. The more people watching, the greater the tendency towards public good. That concept in fact lies at the heart of democracy too.

Creative thinkers have also taken RSS syndication to another level, using RSS for project management, but wiki based project management has yet to appear. Very large projects can scale up to thousands of participants, each needing to know about goals, guidelines, schedules, meetings and the constant change in all of them that evolves with any project. Universal RSS standards for project management timelines using the Internet for communication will prove to be an excellent concept.

Wiki project management that anyone could edit might be seen as a recipe for chaos. This thumbsucking comfort in the blanket of hierarchical control has dogged wiki inventors from the beginning. At every step critics have raised the issue of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) when someone has begun a wiki dictionary, encyclopedia, animal inventory or other concept. Given the current number of massive wiki projects of growing quality, a wait and see attitude would be appropriate for project management.

What other variations might evolve with wiki syndication?


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